Photography Lessons

I offer a limited number of photography lessons in (or near) Bergen County and New York City. Topics will be tailored to your interests and skill level, and may include:

  • Camera and lens usage
  • Use of natural light and flash
  • Composition, aesthetics and seeing photographically
  • Portraits and people photography
  • Documenting your life (family, kids, vacations, trips)
  • A personal photography project
  • Street photography
  • Using Canon DSLR cameras, including the 1D series, original 5D, 5D Mark II, 5D Mark III, 7D, 60D, etc.
  • Using the Leica M rangefinder camera
  • Digital processing and retouching (Lightroom, Photoshop)

Please purchase below or inquire using the Contact link at the top of this page. When inquiring, please let me know:

  • your general skill level and experience in photography, and
  • what you would like to learn or improve in your photography.

Students must have a camera (any model, any brand). Please remember to charge your camera’s battery before the lesson. Instruction can be in person (preferably) or via Skype, depending on your location.

Lessons in some locations (such as NYC) may add add travel and/or parking expenses (please inquire).

Personal photography lessons are an excellent gift for someone who loves photography!

Please note: I will gladly discuss wedding photography, but this is not a specialized course for wedding photography (which I may offer at another time). :)

Purchase a lesson for yourself, as a gift for someone, or for two people attending at the same time. The cost is based on class size (one or two people) and the length of the lesson (one, two or three hours).

Please see payment options below. Payment must be made in advance. Thank you!

For further info, please use the Contact page to email me or phone me at 201.541.1166.

Improve your photography!
1 Person: 1-Hour Lesson $150.00 USD
1 Person: 2-Hour Lesson $250.00 USD
1 Person: 3-Hour Lesson $350.00 USD
2 People: 1-Hour Lesson $250.00 USD
2 People: 2-Hour Lesson $375.00 USD
2 People: 3-Hour Lesson $500.00 USD