Milk Makeup Launch

I’m very pleased to show a selection of photos from the Milk Makeup launch dinner and party, photographed at Milk Studios on January 28th:

IMG_5224BIMG_5216AIMG_5059BIMG_5078AB IMG_5202B IP2C0416 IP2C0426 IP2C0442 IP2C0470 IMG_5247AA IMG_5264B IP2C0686-2 IMG_5322 IP2C0736 IP2C0744 IP2C0763 IMG_5331 IP2C0812 IP2C0832 IP2C0834 IP2C0843 IP2C0852B IP2C0875B IP2C0935BIP2C0902 IP2C1009BA IP2C1038B IP2C1123 IMG_5391 IP2C1164P IMG_5418 IP2C1275P IMG_5517 IMG_5553IP2C1602B

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  1. Great shots, man! That neon lighting is really cool for ambiance, but crazy! Great job on balancing and using it to wonderful effect.

    1. Zlatko Batistich February 5, 2016 at 12:13 pm

      Thanks Tyson! 🙂

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