Floral designers show their creativity and style at weddings. This collection of photos is a small sample of the many flowers I’ve photographed at weddings — it includes bridal bouquets, bridesmaid bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, aisle arrangements, etc. Enjoy!


0801-IMG_88700382-IMG_51980368-IMG_51711129-IMG_61940700-IMG_72850018-IMG_6658A-20305-IMG_62730589-IP2C91670174-IMG_2322 0721-IMG_29650342-IMG_0901 0511-IMG_4005 0680-IMG_1505 0019-IMG_7548 0711-IMG_8726 0794-IMG_88641025-IMG_6989A 1074-IMG_9169A0017-IP2C0607 0118-IP2C88290272-IMG_8687 0862-S0922093 0938-IP2C0102 0939-IP2C0104 IMG_2240 0092-IMG_4841 0093-IMG_4844 0368-IMG_5264 0423-IP2C3439 IP2C6660 IP2C6690 0015-IMG_0504 0356-IMG_0775 IMG_1019A IMG_1181 0024-IP2C0234 0143-IP2C0410 0574-IP2C1120 0703-IMG_2131 IMG_2132 0045-IMG_2504 0062-IMG_2537 0116-IP2C3158 0354-IMG_2843 0659-IMG_3090 0955-IP2C4970 1003-IMG_3312 1014-IP2C5068 0568-SRB_0812 0712-IP2C2506 0892-SRB_1190 1182-SRB_1507 IP2C1424 0819-IMG_2444 0834-IP2C2300 0020-IMG_20350234-IMG_6338 0235-IMG_6341 0237-IMG_6344 0240-IP2C4335 0251-IP2C4352 0283-IP2C4413 0057-IP2C6236 0268-IP2C1501 0364-IP2C1764 0421-IMG_5728 0738-IMG_8703A0746-IP2C6058 0754-IMG_3941 0023-IMG_3379 0024-IMG_3380 0466-IP2C9559 0204-IP2C8442 0315-IP2C8624 0507-IMG_8421 0517-IMG_8740A 0518-IMG_8743A 0522-IMG_8437 0536-IMG_8460 0391-IP2C52500558-IP2C0469 0628-IP2C9941 0892-IP2C0245A 0632-IP2C99480013-IP2C64910287-IP2C51110020-IP2C46210156-IMG_7147A 0239-IMG_9287 0306-IMG_9411 0454-IP2C0324A 0495-IP2C0357A 0535-IP2C0410B 0154-IMG_2516 1210-IP2C2938 0009-IMG_4857 0019-IMG_4881 0042-IP2C9035 0045-IP2C9043 0046-IP2C9045 0054-IP2C9046 0075-S0389247 0505-IMG_5435

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