Melissa and Daniel’s 2004 wedding ceremony took place at St. Paul’s Chapel at Columbia University in Manhattan. Their reception was held at Shenorock Shore Club in Rye, NY. I’m very happy to show a selection of my favorite photos from their wedding. (See more Shenorock weddings at this link.)

0001-0003-HI5C1759 0012-0031-HI5C1773 0015-0041-B2CV3251 0025-0060-HI5C1792 0031-0082-B2CV3266 0034-0089-B2CV3273 0042-0114-HI5C1822 0066-0196-B2CV3307 0077-0219-HI5C1886 0082-0236-HI5C1903 0094-0255-HI5C1922 0107-0280-B2CV3340 0120-0308-HI5C1951 0133-0343-HI5C1983 0139-0357-HI5C1997 0141-0364-HI5C2004 0142-0365-HI5C2005 0164-0424-HI5C2054 0181-0466-HI5C2077 0227-0578-HI5C2168 0231-0594-HI5C2184 0245-0641-HI5C2231 0254-0658-CRW_1311 0267-0701-HI5C0014 0279-0734-CRW_1365 0281-0738-HI5C0029 0289-0758-HI5C0040 0296-0771-CRW_1379 0321-0839-HI5C0093 0341-0908-HI5C0127 0354-0961-CRW_1473 0357-0967-CRW_1479 0365-0992-HI5C0157 0387-1047-HI5C0202 0414-1134-B2CV3477 0448-1235-HI5C0325 0487-1344-CRW_1543 0500-1379-CRW_1569 0518-1422-CRW_1585 0629-1760-CRW_1699 0640-1787-HI5C0660 0644-1795-HI5C0668 0652-1809-HI5C0682 0655-1821-HI5C0694 0670-1849-HI5C0722 0698-1901-CRW_1710 0703-1915-HI5C0767 0708-1922-HI5C0774 0718-1936-HI5C0788 0739-1976-HI5C0828 0741-1985-HI5C0837 0742-1986-HI5C0838 0747-1996-CRW_1729 0751-2006-HI5C0846 0760-2031-HI5C0871 0765-2039-HI5C0879

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